black railbird




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review posted by Ron Porter on 01-29-2019
works great
review posted by Ron Porter on 01-27-2019
Your home page said the railbird is now 9.50 but the store tried to sell it for 14.99. I'll buy for the advertised price if you will let me know how.
review posted by joe on 10-25-2015
I have a problem with overpriced shipping. Good idea. I'll just build my own.
review posted by Glenn on 12-04-2013
Everyone at the table always asks about my iPhone stand. It is a great product that every poker player should have at the table.
review posted by Luis crespo on 07-08-2013
review posted by Ashley Calder on 10-19-2012
this thing is amazing!
review posted by Josh on 06-25-2012
Love this thing!!!
review posted by Tony Wilson on 06-23-2012
I think it's going through the it!!!
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